Oscar Capital Inc.'s Service

Strategic planning & purchase support

Each client’s motivations for purchasing real estate are different. Our clients come from varied financial backgrounds and family structures, and of course their future vision and goals also differ. Oscar Capital comprehensively analyses each client’s individual needs and offers a plan tailored specifically to you. Here at Oscar Capital our staff are dedicated to working together with our clients to provide the best possible strategies for real estate investment.

Full Loan

When purchasing a property it is common practice to be asked to put down your own capital to the tune of 15-20% of the purchase price. Through negotiation and financial arrangements with various banks, Oscar Capital is able to secure 100% financing for the properties we handle. In this way it is possible to invest in real estate with minimal initial investment.

Property management

As a measure against vacant rooms, Oscar Capital provides a rental income guarantee of fixed rent payments for income-producing properties purchased through us. Additionally, we can offer a full range of property management services including handling tenants moving in and out, advertising for tenants, and dealing with tenant issues. We aim to free owners from the hassle of lease management and provide you with a stable and reliable source of income.

Large-scale repairs & renovation

When it comes to large-scale repairs and renovation of your property, Oscar Capital can connect you with the best architects and designers in the business. We work together with our clients on strategies to maintain or increase the value of your property.

Two-year defect liability

In the case that the seller of a property is not a registered real-estate broker, they are exempt from responsibility for defects. However, Oscar Capital will provide a two-year warranty against defects for properties purchased through us.